Sho Sakamoto


During high school, he decided to make a living as a bandsman, however, there were only three people in his band event. Consequently, he then became keenly aware of the importance of attracting customers and converting events that were continuing in deficit as a high school student and gain attraction by utilizing the use of blogs that was booming at that time.

“Masters × Music = LIVE” is sponsored for the purpose of improving awareness of masters. For five instances, over 1,100 people attracted customers without spending money via SNS.
Although he started as a youngest administrative scrivener in Hyogo prefecture at the age of 23, he founded SNS consulting business as a result of this achievement.

After that, he realized commercial publication at the age of 25, and received a request for lectures from all over the country including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and schools. He hold over 100 lectures a year, including seminars to communicate the use of SNS, internal SNS training and entrepreneurial lectures for students.

Currently, he is working with the aim to list SNS promotions such as major food companies, major mail-order companies, famous authors, etc. and “Incorporated ROC Co., Ltd.” which handles in-house production consulting of SNS. In addition, he is also active in media such as television and weekly magazines as a strong IT journalist on SNS.

About his book:
– A book that turns Facebook into “the strongest sales tool” * (Japanese commentary) * Three domestic printings – Over 12,000 copies
– Facebook company group crowding margin art (Taiwan Toyo Sales) * Chinese version 8 copies